Best Foreign Stocks to Buy

Today there are many opportunities for impressive returns if you choose to invest in the right foreign stocks. The main advantage of international investors is the pool of options available to them. You can buy stocks from a long-standing Nordic company or choose to invest in an innovative Chinese company, for example. In this article, we highlight resilient stocks that you should definitely consider investing in.


Tencent is a conglomerate founded in 1998 in Shenzhen, China. Its subsidiaries offer a range of services, including video games, online advertising, mobile games, apps, artificial intelligence, Internet-related services, and more. But, it’s really recognized for its development of video games, as it’s one of the largest video game companies worldwide.

Tencent had revenue of 377.3 billion CNY last year, and it’s one of the first Asian companies to reach a market value of $500 billion USD in 2018. It’s also one of the most valuable global brands. It has a market share (combined with Baidu) of 81%. In March 2020, the company had a growth in sales by 21.05%.

Fletcher Building Limited

Fletcher Building Ltd is one of the largest and oldest companies in New Zealand. Since it was established, in 1909 has become a household name in New Zealand. They distribute and manufacture building materials, including concrete, steel, building products, and other services. The company had a market capitalization of 2.86 billion NZD and revenue of 8.31 billion NZD in 2019.

In case you want to invest in stocks, there are many reliable trading platforms online. In fact, if you want to invest in NZ shares, then you can check out this article where you will find comprehensive information on how to buy NZ shares for beginners.

The article also features a useful list of reputable trading platforms and step-by-step information to help you set up your account and start trading. But, it should be noted that it’s always prudent to make choices based on your budget and financial goals and sign up on trustworthy platforms.


Nokia is a Finnish multinational company founded it 1865. It offers a great range of technological devices, software services, and it also has other segments that encompass optical networks, fixed networks, mobile networks. One of the exciting innovations from this company is 5G private, wireless, networking solutions for commercial clients. In 2019 they closed the year with a revenue of 23.33 billion EUR and an increase in sales by 3.42%. Nokia has a market capitalization of 20,745 billion EUR in 2020.


This is a well-established global brand from South Korea, founded in 1938. The company is known for its first-class production of electronic devices, digital media devices, memory chips, solid-state drives, telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, semiconductors, televisions, and other products.

Since 2017 Samsung has managed to maintain its position as the sixth global brand ranked on the “Best Global Brands 2019” list by Interbrand with a brand value of $61.1 billion. Furthermore, based on their financial results in March, they had total revenue of 55.33 trillion KRW and market capitalization of 370,925 trillion KRW.

Cemex SAB De CV

Cemex SAB De CV multinational company located in San Pedro, Mexico, founded in 1920. They produce and distribute cement and ready-mix concrete in many different locations around the world. In fact, they operate in Mexico, the United States, South America, and also in Asia, Europe, and Africa. Moreover, the company had over 40,000 employees in various facilities in the United States, Germany, Mexico, Spain, Egypt, the Philippines, the Dominican Republic, the United Kingdom, and other countries.

They also supply aggregates (sand, gravel, and crushed stone), clinker, and other building materials to over 50 countries across the globe. Cemex SAB De CV has a market capitalization of 94.57 billion MXN and revenue of 292.07 billion MXN in 2020.


This is an international pharmaceutical company founded in 1830 with headquarters in England. Their work encompasses the manufacture, research, and development of vaccines, medicines, and healthcare products for consumers. They have over 100,000 employees in their facilities around the world. The company has reached a market capitalization of 79.474 billion GBP in 2020, along with quarterly revenue of 9,090 million GBP. Last year they had a revenue of 33,754 million GBP.

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